About the Bovine Bakery - Pt Reyes California
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Who We Are

The Bovine Bakery, a from-scratch bakery, established in 1990, was an idea born from my passion and love of food, my passion for feeding others and my essential need to make a living.  It was a concept which continued to gain momentum; each step of discovery opened a door of opportunity, and I continued to walk through doors until the idea became a reality.  For 25 years. I have been able to live and work in the same incredible little town of Point Reyes Station, commuting by foot or bicycle, providing a bounty of baked goods to the community, employing and training staff members and fulfilling my desire for creativity and physical and mental challenges.

We have always worked as a team, with the same ultimate goal of producing a consistent, high-quality product for the public, having fun at making a living at the same time, and maintaining camaraderie.  The current baking staff have been doing what they do at the Bovine for over 15 years!  The hours are crazy, the physical aspect is exhausting, and yet it all comes together, day after day, and we all take an incredible amount of pride in our work.

From the beginning, I have purchased the highest quality ingredients available, as if I was shopping to feed my own family.  Buying organic has been a priority.  And though a bit pricier, I truly believe the quality of the end result is evident.

We are an “espresso-free” establishment, known for our fair trade organic Thanksgiving coffee, which we brew strong and often.  We recycle everything possible, including but not limited to coffee grounds, glass, plastic, milk cartons, and stir sticks.  For years, a local avid gardener picked up all our compostable food waste and created the most amazing compost for her garden.  Currently, Aron Wilder, a local farmer who farms 5 different plots in West Marin, is the recipient of our compost.  And, in turn, we buy produce from Aron.  Its a beautiful cycle.